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Loveyush London– The Stylish Breastfeeding Cover For Busy Mums

Introducing Loveyush London, the award-winning breastfeeding cover created by ‘mum-preneur’ Bhakti Natha. Comfortable, stylish and above all practical – Loveyush breastfeeding cover is ideal for mothers and mothers-to-be who feel self-conscious about breast-feeding in public. Loveyush breastfeeding cover allows for convenient and discreet breast-feeding on the go, yet still allows the mother to bond with her baby.


The Loveyush Breastfeeding Cover

Loveyush (the name created as a hybrid of the words ‘lovely’ and stylish’) is practical yet chic, requiring no clips or knots like other breastfeeding covers. It is worn like a poncho, yet the fabric is more lightweight and breathable, with enough neckline for the mother to retain reassuring eye contact with her baby.

Loveyush breastfeeding covers are available in a number of colours and patterns and when not used for nursing, they can be double up as a Fashion Scarf or a car-seat canopy

The scarves provide full coverage, thus facilitate different breastfeeding positions such as ‘cradle’, ‘laid-back’ and ‘Rugby style’ feeding.


Bhakti’s Story

As a new mum, Bhakti developed the idea for Loveyush after finding it a struggle to nurse her baby using a traditional scarf as it would slip off and the bulky breastfeeding covers actually drew more attention whilst breastfeeding in public.

She started out making each scarf herself, selling at craft fairs and local markets. The positive response she received enabled her to branch out into a fully-fledged business. As a 31-year-old mother of two – 10 months old baby and a 4 year old, Bhakti manages the challenging task of running a business around her family commitments and is an inspiration to young mothers looking to start their own businesses.


Ethical Stance and Charitable Work

Loveyush London is committed to manufacturing their product ethically and sustainably, Loveyush breastfeeding covers are not factory produced, it is made by freelance artisans who can work around their family commitment and get paid fairly. Loveyush London is committed to helping mothers and children, not just through their products but also in the wider community. Loveyush donates 10% of profits to charities supporting women and children in need. Last year Loveyush supported charity Bliss, which campaigns for premature infants as well as babies fighting illness to have the best possible care and quality of life.



Loveyush Breastfeeding cover has been the recipient of many awards, winning Silver at both the 2013 Bizziebaby Awards and the 2013 Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards. Finalist for Mum and working Award, 2014. Go to Nursing Scarfs..