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Why breastfeeding tops are not good enough.

Breastfeeding Tops v/s breastfeeding cover

There are overwhelming choices for maternity clothes and breastfeeding tops. It’s confusing what to buy and to decide what you really need. When shopping for breastfeeding tops, remember to give preference to practicality and comfort, style and fashion should not be first choice. If mother is feeling comfortable, she can nurse the baby better, so whatever you choose, make sure you are comfortable with it so breastfeeding goes smoothly and longer.


Breastfeeding top or nursing cover

First let’s see what they are for. Breastfeeding Tops are made for easy access for nursing; while breastfeeding covers are made for discreet nursing in public. So its depend on what you are looking for and buy that.

In UK, mothers have right to breastfeed anywhere, and no one should ask you to leave the premises or cover up in public spaces, it’s against the law. It’s just up to the mother on how she likes to nurse the baby. If you not shy showing off that’s fine and if you are self-conscious, use breastfeeding cover to give you confident to breastfeed in public. It’s also completely fine, choose whichever way you are comfortable with, just make sure that you do go out and about and don’t be housebound because of breastfeeding, a bit of fresh air will be good for you and baby and helps establish longer and healthier breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding tops give easy access but will not provide discretion. In fact, some breastfeeding tops are too obvious and show more than the normal clothes. Remember to consider that when baby is not latched on, how does it look. Is it comfortable for baby to latch on properly, some breastfeeding tops are not give proper access.

Other factor is to consider the cost, as a new parents we have lots of things to buy, the product that can be used for various purpose or for last long will save you money in long run rather than just going for cheaper product. Do you really need breastfeeding tops? For the access purpose, no as many normal clothes will do the same, sometime even better. If you are buying breastfeeding tops for feeding in modesty, it’s better to use special cover-ups which provides complete coverage like Loveyush Nursing Scarf and feed the baby in any normal clothes. It will save you money rather having to buy expensive breastfeeding tops.


Loveyush Breastfeeding Tops

I would be lost without my Loveyush breastfeeding scarf these days. Breastfeeding twins discreetly is not easy, before my Loveyush scarf I used to use muslin cloths slung over each shoulder to cover the babies when tandem feeding them but it’s tricky as one of the babies is bound to wriggle about so much or grab at a cloth that you end up losing one. The great thing with the scarf is that you pop it over your head, much like a poncho and it gives you instant coverage for your baby or babies but also easy access and a perfect view of them while being safe and breathable. Mummysspace


“The key to the scarf is versatility. When you’re not breastfeeding, you need something stylish you can fling around your neck. There are millions of ways of tying your scarf, but I prefer something really simple like this! The material drapes beautifully and is really soft around your neck.” Mills Baby

Loveyush Breastfeeding Top by My Mills



Loveyush Breastfeeding Top Rhiannon
Loveyush Breastfeeding cover has really become an essential item in my changing bag. I am more comfortable feeding now sometimes without the scarf but I always pack this in my bag just in case, or if I am with male relatives when it is still uncomfortable for both of us. – Rhian Read more


This scarf had been my saviour over the summer holidays.  I was using a giant muslin to cover up my first baby when feeding in public, but if there was even the slightest breeze it would blow up or even fall off my shoulder. The Loveyush scarf cures this by simply popping over your head. Chelsea mama  
Breastfeeding Tops Chelsea Mamma
Loveyush Breastfeeding Top Sloane Black

Breastfeeding Top Sloane Black

Works well with my Twins. I use rugby position when feeding my twins together, Loveyush scarf has enough room for both, I can see my babies but no one else can.  Emma A. London . Mum to  5 weeks old babies – Twins 


I don’t need a breastfeeding cover at present, but I bought this as a fashion accessory and loving it, there is lots of ways to wear this scarf and looks great. – Rhia, M.


I absolutely love this product, so easy to use no fiddling about with having to tie it, the quality it great and it looks really nice not like any other breastfeeding scarf of cover I have come across! I also love that you can use it as a sunshade for pushchairs and car seats. I don’t tend to use breastfeeding scarfs as find they actually tend to draw more attention to you as you have to spend time putting them on and they don’t look very nice, it is very clear what they are, whereas the Loveyush Scarf is so pretty and quick it does exactly what it was designed to do plus the hole for you head is big enough for that all important eye contact with your baby! Christie, Derbyshire


The Loveyush scarf surprised me. I’m generally not a ‘scarf’ person, but I found myself wearing this scarf more and more. It’s a clever idea a lightweight ‘poncho’ type cover which you can discreetly feed baby under, which then can be converted to a fashion scarf. The material is good quality, muslin type material, so therefore breathable. The packaging is nice. Feeding under the Loveyush is easy, it provides excellent coverage, so if you are worried about your mummy tummy, don’t panic because no one will see!  It took a bit of getting used to styling it into a scarf. There are lots of ways to wear it, and there are videos on you tube to show you how to style. Price wise, a lot of people would spend that just on a scarf so I feel it is good value. Laura, Chesterfield

Breastfeeding Top Hanna BabyexpoBreastfeeding Top Review

Firstly, as a scarf. It’s very stylish with its beautiful floral pattern, and goes with so many of my clothes. The fabric is also very soft, and washes well – which as parents, we all know is very important!

Secondly, as a sun shield for the pram. The Loveyush scarf handily fits over the rim of the pram hood and covers the pram to protect Baby from the sun. The pattern is also fantastic at keeping Baby entertained whilst under the cover! So many mums have asked me where I found the Loveyush scarf, as they’ve struggled to find something suitable for their prams (and a parasol only does so much good!).

I like that you can also peek in on Baby whilst using this as a sun shield to make sure they’re alright. You can also double it over, so sun doesn’t come in through the gap at the top too, which I’ve found very successful when Baby has been asleep.  Read More at



Using it LOADS. It has more than paid for itself and  I will wear it as a scarf (and maybe mozzie protector!) forever I reckon. Lia D 

It’s an amazing product, I feel confidence in feeding my baby anywhere, Plus so easy to wear and no one can tell its a nursing scarf, its like a trendy fashion scarf, I love it. ‘ Sam, Mum to John(2 months)

Loveyush nursing scarf is fantastic I have used it many times whilst breast feeding and looks unique in many different styles, love it… Priya, mum to Keya