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Fabric of Scarf

Loveyush Scarf are available in

Pure Cotton

Its natural material. get softer more you wash.

Loveyush scarf is also available in other material too.

I was never a fan of polyester and after I had baby I always bought cotton. When I was looking for fabric for my scarf, I was looking for cotton but I also wanted it with following properties:
Colour Fast – so colour doesn’t fade on washing
Machine washable – for busy mums
Wrinkle Resistance – no need for ironing, especially as the scarves might be tied around the neck and then opened fully when feeding.
Patterns – The lovely patterns will hide the inevitable stains and milk leaks much better than plain colour fabric.
Reversible Fabric – to use as a scarf it should look good from both sides.
Breathable and safe
I got hundreds of fabric samples from different suppliers. In fact, I delayed the launch of the scarf as I wanted to get it right with best fabric possible.

Why I chose chiffon
Chiffon ticked all the boxes for fabric I was looking for. However, it is made of polyester, which did concern me with regards to breathability. So I did lot of research and found that breathability is actually dependent on the weaving of the fabric.
Chiffon is loosely woven and thus perfectly breathable. Most sportswear is made of polyester or nylon. These are made for performance when skin needs to breath more and stay dry.

Why I chose a cotton blend
However, it is still a man-made material and not natural, so I also have cotton with a rayon blend to give wrinkles resistance (although it still needs to be ironed after washing).
Rayon (also know as viscose or modal) is man-made using natural plant polymers, making it neither truly man-made nor natural. It has all the breathable properties of cotton, but with more warmth like wool or bamboo.

Which material choice is right for you?

1. Pure Cotton – Natural material. good for baby and you. get softer more you wash.

2. Chiffon (polyester) – Good for easy care. Dries quickly after wash and ready to wear without ironing. It is a little transparent due to its breathable, loose weave. Feels good and looks great!

3. Rayon Cotton –Cool next to the skin as it is a natural material. Cotton is blended with Rayon to get more water observant quality. Rayon is made from wood plum.

4. Sustainable Satin – (coming soon) – An eco friendly material which is made from Wood Plum. It may sound like a rough fabric but it is actually very soft and silky finish. It’s herbally died using flower, herbs & roots, without any chemicals. The only downside is that colour may fade a little or change a bit after in contact with the chemicals in washing powder so it is best to hand wash with delicate liquid.