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Loveyush Maternity ClothesThe story of how Loveyush Nursing scarf was born.

The idea of Loveyush Nursing scarf was born when I was doing shopping for Maternity clothes. It was my first pregnancy and I needed some casual and sophisticated maternity clothes that I can wear at office and at casual meetings. For me ‘Practicality and Comfort’ is the main elements in maternity clothes. There is wide variety of maternity clothes available in market, however the good ones comes with a price tag, so I was looking for those that are useful during nursing as well. I planned to breastfeed the baby if possible. I found many good maternity dresses and nursing tops with easy access for breastfeeding in public and perfect during pregnancy; however I feel the need that I would need additional cover with maternity clothes when breastfeeding in public.

The maternity clothes and nursing tops I found all would be ok when baby is latched on; however when baby in and out, I feel the need of breastfeeding cover to give me privacy and confident to breastfeed in public. It was a hassle to hold on to muslin or normal scarf whist holding a baby as well. I would say, if you are not worried about showing your skin than its fine but if you are self-conscious than invest in special breastfeeding cover in your maternity clothes wardrobe as it would make life easier rather than struggling with holding a cloth up all the time.

I tried few breastfeeding cover, but found that they were over complicated and not providing full cover, it was only covering front side. The bulky covers take up so much space in nappy bag. The main frustration was that they were drawing more attention as they looks odd over a nice maternity clothes.

When baby are bit bigger and wriggle, they would like to see surroundings and any noise they would pull the cover to have a look outside. Those apron type cover didn’t work as the sides are open and baby just opens them up; similar problem arise with maternity clothes.

I thought of poncho would be much better cover for breastfeeding in public if comes in light weight material, I couldn’t find that at that time and sew my first breastfeeding poncho. It made my life so much easier; I was able to breastfeed anywhere without having to deal with knots and clips that I was struggling with when I was using other breastfeeding cover. I can simple wear it as a scarf over my maternity clothes and when baby needs feed I can open Loveyush nursing scarf with one hand while carrying a baby. It provides full coverage and looks stylish too. I can wear it with my all maternity dresses and it complements on my nursing tops as well, so no need to put it in a changing bag. After receiving so many complements I decided to start it as a business. It’s a very simple idea but the one that actually works.

Loveyush scarf adds elegant to any maternity clothes. It’s an essential accessory to your wardrobe of maternity clothes. Loveyush scarf can be worn over a small top and act as a nursing top or wear it as a scarf over maternity dress or as a fashion poncho casual trouser. There are endless ways you can style Loveyush Scarf over maternity clothes.