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Loveyush Red and Black Diagonal Purse

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These handicraft purses listed are hand made with lots of patience and skilled work of hand embroidery.

Each purse is unique, you may find similar purses but they will not identical.

size: 9.5 x 16 cm approx . material : Satin mix.

Product may have slight imperfection which is the beauty of handicraft products.

Sponge clean only

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Breastfeeding Scarf by Loveyush London

Award winning Loveyush Nursing Scarf is very practical and stylish breastfeeding scarf.

Mother can wear it as a fashion scarf; when baby needs a feed, it opens up very easily and turns into a beautiful breastfeeding scarf.

Loveyush Nursing scarf has won many awards for the Best Breastfeeding Scarf in the UK market due to its functionality and easy to use. It has endorsed by celebrity and baby experts.

Loveyush Nursing Scarf is multi-functional. Mother can wear it as a stylish Poncho, cosy neck scarf, and use as a car-seat canopy or a snooze cover for pram or simply as a breastfeeding scarf for discreet breastfeeding in public.


Benefits of the Loveyush Breastfeeding Scarf

Loveyush Breastfeeding Scarf is an essential accessory for modern mum with the following features:

  • Full coverage – front, back and sides
  • See the baby and maintain eye contact
  • Suitable for all age baby
  • Suitable for any breast-feeding position – cradle, laid-back, underarm, rugby hold or clutch hold
  • Easy to wear, even with one hand
  • Can be worn in many ways to add elegant to any outfit
  • Light weight and breathable. Machine washable
  • Doubles up as a car-seat canopy or snooze shade for Pram / buggy
  • Size – Available in Regular size and in Large size


Loveyush Breastfeeding Scarf makes life easier for mums. Mothers can turn Loveyush Scarf from neck scarf into Breastfeeding cover with only one hand while carrying a baby in another. With other complicated breastfeeding cover you need two hands to tie and clip the cover and need to put crying baby somewhere whilst you get ready, with Loveyush breastfeeding scarf, mother can save this hassle. Loveyush is simple yet most practical breastfeeding scarf.

Loveyush Nursing Scarf has just enough neckline, so mother can maintain eye contacts with baby. The neckline is not too big like some covers in the market which draws more attention. Loveyush breastfeeding scarf is very discreet.

The Good thing is with Loveyush breastfeeding scarf, mother can wear any cloths whilst breastfeeding, saves you money rather than having to buy special maternity clothes or nursing tops.

It doubles up as a fashion accessory; mother can wear it as a Poncho or as a Neck scarf, which can be styled in many ways. The trendy design gives an elegant touch to any clothes. It’s Multi-functional so mother can use it long after the breastfeeding stage.

The material is lightweight and breathable and very general in size so baby does not get overheat. It is machine washable at 30 degree. Loveyush breastfeeding scarf are Handmade with Love.

No more fiddling with complicated nursing scarfs;
The Loveyush Breastfeeding Scarf is easy to wear and care.
Designed by a Nursing Mum to provide Practical and Stylish solution for discreet breastfeeding…