Review by Mummyszone

Loveyush Scarf was recently reviewed by Mags, second time mum to twins.

‘Breastfeeding Twins discreetly is not easy’ says Mags, she used Loveyush Scarf to feed her babies in public and was completely in love with Loveyush Scarf. Unlike any other breastfeeding cover, Loveyush Nursing Scarf provides complete coverage on all four sides, means its facilitates all nursing position, including Rugby style feeding. It is perfect for feeding twins together. Loveyush scarf provides easy access and people can hardly tell there are babies underneath it! Provides perfect view for baby and mum can maintain eye contacts whilst nursing. ‘it makes breastfeeding in public so easy and for me it has become a must have’

Mags in her words. Read more about her experience in feeding twins with Loveyush scarf click here

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